Sunday, February 13, 2011


Mod Podge
Foam brush
Five 4” x 4” medium-weight chipboard coasters Need some of these? StartLitStudio (Cindy Lyles) stocks chipboard coasters in her online store.
Five 4” x 4” pieces of patterned paper
Sanding Block
Piercing template
Hole punch
E-6000 or other strong glue
Step 1
Adhere one 4" x 4" patterned paper square to each of the five coasters by applying Mod Podge™with a foam brush. Let dry.

Step 2 (Optional)
Sand and trim rounded edges. Coat the outside with Mod Podge™ for a finished look.

Step 3
Place the piercing template on the edge of one of the coasters. Trace approximately every other large hole onto the coaster.

You will have 5 traced holes lining the side.

Step 4
Punch the holes with a hole punch. A Crop-o-Dile™ was used here.

Step 5
Once one side of the coaster is punched, set it directly on top of each of the other coasters and use it as a punching guide. Punch two opposite sides of 4 coasters.

The fifth coaster will be used as the bottom of the box and should not be punched.

Step 6
Use ribbon to tie the four sides of the box together. You can lace the ribbon or tie it across the coasters.

Step 7
Apply strong glue to the edges of the last coaster. Adhere to the bottom of the coaster box.

Step 8
Finish project.

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