Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hello Friends, It's been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog, please forgive me and don't give up on me yet :-)

I've been pretty busy the last year moving to Chico, getting things organized and trying to fit my favorite scrapbooking supplies in a room half the size of my craft room at my old house.

As you have seen on my post, I have a new grand baby added to family this last year, (Jossilyn was born December 1st :0) ), I need to get busy and scrapbook pictures of the baby doll :), I have bought an album and scrapbooking supplies for that project, (I had taken a couple day's off from work hoping to work on some crafts), also been trying to come up with some ideas for Christmas gifts, on my day's off from work I have seen all kinds of wonderful ideas on you-tube to get my creative juices going, YES!
This cute 4th of July layout will put you in the spirit of the 4th of July Holiday, this wonderful layout was done by Carla at the, visit her website to see more wonderful layouts.


This cute little mini album would make a wonderful gift, This wonderful Explosion Box idea is on Lisa's Stampin Up Blog, you can visit Lisa's Blog at to learn how to make this cute little mini album box.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


My Granddaughters are my inspiration for scrapbooking memories, Families are a blessing from God, and memories need to be preserved.

Allyce 13 years old and Josslyn 6 weeks old :0)

Mini Baby Album

Mini Albums have been my latest craft of choice, looking at all the cute mini album ideas on line has inspired me to try my hand and making these cute little albums, they would make wonderful gifts, If you haven't made a mini album as of yet, I would invite you to give it a try, there are so many cute ideas out there, and so many themes, they would make wonderful personalized gifts, who wouldn't want to recieve something so beaituful, and in these economic times, they can be inexpesive to make, just use the supplies that you have on hand, I have seen some really cute ideas, using file folders, and toilet paper rolls to make the cutest albums ever, and having a new Granddaughter this year has inspired me to want to start scrapbooking :0), baby Josslyn was born December 1st. :0)

I haven't been scrap-booking or card making, since I have moved to Chico last April, it's has been taking me a while to get settled and into a routine, I do have my small craft room set up, so I think mini albums and cards I will be a makin'.
I will post some of my own mini albums soon!

Happy Scrapin'