Saturday, October 9, 2010


Allyce tried her had at basket ball, her dad was the fill in couch, she found that she like soccer the best, this year she tried out for the "Butte United Soccer League", and was accepted, this team travels and around and has a game on both Saturdays and Sundays, she's quite the busy girl latley :0), this soccer season last's thru the end of November.


Jennifer and Kevin has a Great Halloween party at their house, Allyce made a cute witch even with a broken arm, her friend Hannha came over to "trick or treat" with her, Jennifer and Keven were also in the spirit, they all went out trick or treating in the neighborhood, was a fun night, Grandma and Poppa, stayed in and passed out candy to all the Ghosts and Goblins that came to the door.


Please excuse the glare on photos, I was using the kitchen counter today to take photos of my layouts instead of my craft table, the Kitchen counter is a higher table surface and I have short little legs, Lol!.

This is a photo taken a few years ago while my mother was staying for a few months visit, what a GREAT TIME! we had, we were able to visit cousins that we had not seen in awhile and went on many weekend trips while mom was here, what a great memory, and I was glad to capture these special moments on camera and scrapbook them. :0).


YES LADIES!, there is a Slide Mount Mania!, I love my Slide Mount Mania Idea book with 145 project ideas in it, from "Hot Off The Press", there is sooooooooo many cute project ideas in it you can glean from!, And I LOVE MY SLIDE MOUNT TEMPLATE! from "Hot Off The Press", I can make as many slide mounts as I want with this tool, I can use it over and over again, and it was soooooo inexpensive (which I like :0)), you can order your own from "Hot Off The Press", if you are a Scrapbooker or a Card Maker, you will be glad you did. ;o), just Google "Hot Off The Press" and look at their on line catalog, you may beable to have them send you a free catalog, you will be glad that to did. :>).


As you can see there's many diffrent paper crafts you can do with slide mounts, you can make a layout or an emblishement for a scrapbook page, an emblishement(s) for a card, etc. These slide mount designes were made by designers from the "Hot Off The Press" team, Susan Cobb, LeNae Gerig, Laura Nicholas, and Paris Duke, Slide Mounts are one of my favorite tools, you can do so many things with slide mounts, make picture frames for a scrapbook layout or a card with small photos, frame words and phrases, the list just goes on and on :0), is it any wonder that I love slide mounts! :0)