Sunday, February 13, 2011


Designer Tip: Using alcohol ink is a great way to add pretty color to a bottle, and Dazzles are the perfect embellishments! This makes a fun Valentine's gift or party favor.


•Heart Bottle
•My Valentine Dazzles™ Red & Gold Foil
•Red Heart Jewel Dazzles™
•Gold Jewel Dazzles™
•Gold Memory Thread, Red Memory Thread
•Red Pepper, Mushroom Oregano Alchohol Inks, Gold and Silver Alcohol Ink Mixatives
•Blending Solution
•Medium Zots™
•3-D Foam Squares Variety Pack
•paper towels or newspaper to cover work area, rubber gloves to protect hands
•Paintbrush handle or X-acto® knife handle (for curling memory thread)


1.Remove the cork from the bottle, then place the bottle on your covered work area. While holding the bottle with one finger on the inside, add several drops of blending solution to the outside of the bottle, then a few drops of red pepper alcohol ink, and a few drops of gold mixatives alcohol ink, then a few more drops of the blending solution. Turn the bottle and let the colors run together for a pretty mixture of gold and red. Let the bottle Dry.
2.Decorate the bottle with Dazzles as shown. Back the word heart stickers with excess gold Jewel Dazzles material, and use a strip of excess gold Jewel Dazzles material to decorate the sides of the bottle.
3.Wrap the neck of the bottle with 12" of red and 12" of metallic gold memory thread, then wrap around a small paint brush handle to curl the memory thread into tendrils. Add the gold-backed word heart Dazzles to the ends of the tendrils. Replace the cork in the top of the bottle.

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