Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stamp Title Coasters

I found this cute coaster on another Blog site and decided to share, I love them and am planning to make some, (these will make wonderful gifts). The directions say to go to your local Home Depot Store (or any home-improvment store that sell's tile), You will need: 4 inch tumbled tile, a black StazOn ink pad, decorative chalks, chalking tool (or cotton swab), Acrylic Stamps of your choice and a Acrylic Block for stamp, Facial Tissue for blending chalk, Aerosol Hairspray (the cheap kind),(this will seal the chalk color after you have chalked the image on the coaster), Silcon or Felt "bumpers" for bottom of your coaster.

Prep your tiles by wiping them with a damp paper towel to remove any manufacturing dust. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Ink your stamps thoroughly with StazOn. Stamp image on your tile. Be very careful as you stamp as the surface may be slippery and your stamped image might smear. ** Hint: Inking your acrylic stamp with VersaMark ink first may lesson the staining of your stamps.
Allow the ink to dry. Use the chalks to color in any areas you desire. Layer the chalk until you achieve the look you prefer. Use a tissue to blend chalks to your liking.
Spray the tile lightly with the hairspray. You want to seal the chalks, but still allow for some moisture absorption. Allow to dry.
When dry, attach the bumpers to the bottom of your coasters to prevent scratching of your tables.

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